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What Specific Effects Do Summer Heat Have On Garage Doors? Which Materials Are Best For High-Temperature Environments?

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Is your garage door up to the upcoming hot summer weather?

2024-06-13 11:22:31


The summer of 2024 is coming soon. It is said that the summer of 2024 will be much hotter than the previous summers. High temperatures will not only make people feel uncomfortable but also make your garage door feel "uncomfortable". High temperatures will damage the materials of the garage door, which may cause material aging, garage door operation failure, reduced insulation, etc.

We often find a phenomenon that some houses' garages are cool in summer, but some houses' garages are very hot in summer. Why is this the case? I will give you the answers one by one!

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Why are garage doors especially important in the summer?

Heat transfer

Garage doors play a vital role in the high-temperature environment of summer. As a barrier between the garage and the outside world, it not only affects the temperature inside the garage but also has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of the entire home. If the insulation performance of the garage door is poor, the high temperature will easily be conducted through the door panel, causing the temperature inside the garage to rise rapidly. This will not only make the garage like an oven but also spread through the garage to the adjacent rooms, increasing the cooling burden of the family. Therefore, a well-insulated garage door can effectively reduce the transfer of heat, keep the garage and the interior cool, and improve the energy efficiency of the family.

Home Safety

It's not just the temperature, high temperatures can also cause serious damage to the garage door itself. In a high-temperature environment, materials such as steel, aluminum, or wood may expand or deform, causing the garage door to fail to open and close normally. This not only shortens the service life of the garage door but also brings safety hazards. For example, a deformed door panel may prevent the garage door from closing completely, increasing the risk of theft. In addition, operational failures may cause the door body to fall suddenly, causing harm to people and vehicles. Therefore, ensuring that the garage door operates normally in a high-temperature environment is an important measure to maintain home safety.

Energy Saving

A high-quality garage door with good insulation performance can not only improve the comfort of the family but also help save energy costs. In the hot summer, air conditioning is used frequently and with increased intensity. As an important thermal insulation barrier, if the garage door has poor insulation performance, it will lead to the loss of cold air and the invasion of hot air, thereby increasing the workload of the air conditioner. On the contrary, a garage door with good insulation performance can effectively reduce the loss of cold air, and reduce the frequency of air conditioning use and energy consumption. This not only helps to reduce electricity bills but is also beneficial to the environment. Therefore, choosing and maintaining a high-quality garage door is a wise choice to save energy and money in summer.

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Common Garage Door Problems During Summer

1. Material aging: High temperatures can accelerate the aging and damage of steel, aluminum, and wood garage doors.

2. Operational failure: Thermal expansion can cause garage doors to open and close awkwardly, increasing wear and tear.

3. Insulation failure: Low-quality insulation materials can lose their effectiveness in high temperatures, causing heat loss.

How to choose a garage door for summer?

Material Selection

In high-temperature environments, it is very important to choose heat-resistant materials such as steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Steel is strong, aluminum is light and rust-proof, and fiberglass has good heat insulation and corrosion resistance. Therefore, these materials are suitable for use in high-temperature environments.

Insulation Performance

It is also important to choose efficient insulation materials. Polyurethane and polystyrene are popular because of their excellent insulation properties. Polyurethane has a high thermal resistance value, which can effectively reduce heat transfer and keep the interior of the garage cool. Polystyrene is lightweight and affordable and can provide good insulation. Using these efficient insulation materials will not only improve the thermal insulation performance of the garage door but also help reduce energy consumption and the frequency of air conditioning use.

Color and coating

The color and coating of the garage door have a significant impact on heat absorption. Light colors and reflective coatings can effectively reduce the absorption of sunlight, thereby reducing the temperature of the garage door surface. Light colors such as white and beige reflect more sunlight, and reflective coatings can further reduce heat absorption. These measures will not only help the garage door stay cooler in high-temperature environments but also extend its service life.


Choosing and maintaining the right garage door is key to effectively dealing with the summer heat. A quality garage door not only improves your home's comfort but also keeps it safe. In hot environments, the right garage door can help reduce heat transfer and reduce the frequency of air conditioning use, thereby saving energy costs. In addition, a good garage door can also prevent items inside the garage from being affected by high temperatures and extend its service life.

In preparation for the upcoming summer heat, we encourage you to inspect and upgrade your garage door now. Choosing a high-quality garage door with good insulation performance can effectively reduce heat transfer and keep your home cool and comfortable. At the same time, it is also very important to regularly maintain and service your garage door to extend its service life and ensure its normal operation. Let us prepare for the upcoming hot summer together and ensure the comfort and safety of our family.


What specific effects do summer heat have on garage doors?

High temperatures in summer may have the following specific effects on garage doors: material aging, coating damage, door deformation, operational failures, reduced insulation performance, increased safety hazards, etc.

How do I tell if my garage door needs to be replaced or upgraded?

To determine whether you need to replace or upgrade your garage door, you can pay attention to the following points: appearance, operating status, sealing performance, insulation performance, safety performance, aging degree, etc.

Which materials and insulation methods are best for high-temperature environments?

Material selection: aluminum alloy, glass fiber, polyurethane, polystyrene, etc.

Insulation method: double-layer structure, sealing strip, coating, ventilation, etc.