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Carriage Panel garage door Customizable Residential Garage Door

Carriage Panel Garage Door

Carriage Panel garage door Customizable Residential Garage Door

Open Style: Automatic

Door Material: Galvanized sheet

Material: Coloured-steel plate

Package details: Cartons, Pallets,Wooden case

OEM/ODM Availability: OEM/ODM

Delivery Time: 20 days after prepayment

Loading Port: shanghai or ningbo port

MOQ: 2 Sets

Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, L/C, Credit card

    Product Detail

    Carriage Panel garage door Introduction
    Carriage Panel garage door
    Carriage panel garage door is a garage door style that is designed to resemble the traditional carriage house doors of the past, These doors are known for their unique and attractive appearance. Designs often include meticulous craftsmanship, decorative hardware, and the appearance of a single panel, giving the door a classic and elegant look. Carriage panel garage doors have a timeless and classic look that enhances your home's curb appeal. They combine historic charm with modern functionality, making them a popular choice for those looking for a unique and beautiful garage door option.

    Carriage Panel Garage Door Attributes

    Door panel type
    finger proof or non-finger proof
    Project Solution Capability 3D model design
    Brand Name CHI
    Screen Netting Material FiberGlass
    Opening Method Push and Pull
    Open Style Automatic Control
    Panel Thickness 40mm/50mm
    Size Custom Size
    Color Customized Color
    Material Galvanized Sheet



    Other sizes can be customized according to your requirements, click to ask

    Panel Model

    Panel ModelfglAmerican Type Garage Door factory Customize Sectional garage Door1pioAmerican Type Garage Door factory Customize Sectional garage Door2q9m

    Features & Benefits

    Unique design: Replicates the look of a traditional carriage house door.

    Panel Details: Details often mimic the craftsmanship of historic carriage doors.

    Decorative Hardware: Many carriage panel garage doors come with decorative hardware, and these additions create a true carriage house aesthetic.

    Material selection: There are a variety of materials to choose from for compartment doors, including wood and composite materials.

    Customization: Homeowners can often customize their garage doors to suit their preferences.
    Window options: Some carriage panel doors incorporate windows into their design.

    Modern Operation: Although the design is traditional in appearance, it is often operated using a modern overhead mechanism.

    Increases Home Value: The unique and visually appealing nature of carriage doors can help increase home value.

    Versatility: Available in a variety of materials, carriage panel doors offer versatility to suit a variety of architectural styles and homeowner preferences.

    Feedbacks From Our Clients

    Carriage panel garage doors are suitable for a variety of residential settings, adding a touch of classic elegance and enhancing the overall curb appeal of a home. Some common applications include: residential homes, historically themed homes, custom homes, architectural remodels, traditional building blocks, cottage and farmhouse styles, home improvement projects, suburban and urban homes, and more. Carriage panel garage doors are used in a variety of applications, and their popularity stems from their ability to seamlessly blend classic aesthetics with modern functionality.


    Proper packaging is crucial, especially for international shipments that pass through multiple channels before reaching their final destination. Therefore, we pay special attention to packaging.

    CHI uses diverse packaging methods depending on the nature of the product. Our goods are packed in a variety of ways including:

    American Type Garage Door factory Customize Sectional garage Door33nr

    For Carriage Panel garage door, we generally transport them through sea freight. 

    If customers have special needs, we can also transport them through other methods.