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Aluminum Glass Garage Doors Full View Garage Doors

Full View Garage Door

Aluminum Glass Garage Doors Full View Garage Doors

Output Torque: 800N

Door Panel Pattern: Square

Surface Finishing: Finished

Glass Type: Laminated, Full View, Frosted

Material: Aluminum Alloy

OEM/ODM Availability: OEM/ODM

Wind Resistance: Class 3

Package details: Cartons, Pallets,Wooden case

Delivery Time: 20 days after prepayment

Loading Port: shanghai or ningbo port

MOQ: 2 Sets

Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, L/C, Credit card

    Product Detail

    Aluminum Glass Garage Doors Introduction
    Aluminum Glass Garage Doors
     Aluminum glass garage doors combine the durability of aluminum with the beauty of glass to create a modern and stylish design for residential and commercial garage spaces. These doors typically feature aluminum frames that provide strength and resilience, while large glass panels allow natural light to enter the garage and increase visibility. Aluminum construction ensures low maintenance and is rust and corrosion resistant. Aluminum glass garage doors are popular for their modern appearance, energy efficiency, and ability to blend seamlessly with modern architectural styles. 


    Single Car Garage 8 x 7

    Exterior View


    Interior View

    Double Car Garage 16 x 7

    Exterior View


    Interior View

    Glass Options

    Glass Optionss4q

    Panel Model

    Panel Modelfgl
    Model AF4050 AN5081US
    Interface Finger Protection No Finger Protection
    Frame Frame visible on the front Frame visible on the front
    Thickness 40mm | Available 50mm | Available
    Pedestrian Can be connected to the foam door panel SF40S Profile can be PU foamed
    Optional glass type
    3mm PC board single layer
    3mm PC board double layer
    4mm PC board single layer
    5mm tempered glass
    3mm PC board single/ double layer,
    4mm PC board
    5mm or 8mm tempered glass
    4+4mm double layer laminated glass
    (adhesive color optional)
    3+3mm spun silk glass
    4 + 6 + 4mm hollow glass
    Product Name Aluminum Glass Garage Doors
    Open type Sectional roll up and sliding
    Control model Remote control(Standard) |manual
    Door panel 40mm thickness Aluminum alloy panel(high density aluminum alloy)
    Opener 800N/1000N/1200N/1500N/1800N(Based on doorway size)
    *5mm tempered glass(STANDARD)
    *5mm plexiglass
    *2mm plexiglass
    *3mm+2mm double layer plexiglass
    Hardware High quality galvanized steel hardware(full set hardware for the door)
    Color of panel Ral7021/7016/9016/9006 (can choose) or customized follow need
    Package Carton or plywood case

    Garage Door Motor

    Driving Power 600N/800N/1000N/1200N/1500N/1800Netc
    Motor Rail 3.0-4.5m
    Rail Type Chain/Belt
    Protection Class IP20
    Standard Equipment 2 transmitters, steel quide and other mounting brackets
    Limit Setting Electronic
    Options Wall switch, photocell, Wireless pin code lock, Back-up battery
    Garage Door Motorwnu

    Features & Benefits

    Modern Design: Featuring a stylish and modern aesthetic.

    Aluminum Construction: Lightweight, durable, with enhanced strength and appearance, and resistant to rust and corrosion.

    Large glass panels: create brighter interior spaces.

    Frame Options: Meets all customization requirements.

    Maintenance Cost: Low maintenance and easy to clean.
    Versatility: Aluminum glass garage doors have a wide range of applications and work seamlessly with a variety of architectural styles.

    Energy Efficiency: Some models offer insulated glass options to help improve energy efficiency and temperature regulation within the garage.

    Quiet Operation: Designed for quiet operation, some models minimize noise during garage door operation.

    Durability: Aluminum garage doors have a long service life and can withstand a lot of damage from external factors.

    Feedbacks From Our Clients

    Aluminum glass garage doors find a variety of applications in residential and commercial settings, offering a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Common application scenarios for aluminum glass garage doors include: residential garages, modern homes, showrooms, restaurants and cafes, gyms and fitness rooms, etc.

    The adaptability, beauty and functionality of aluminum glass garage doors make them a versatile option for a variety of applications, allowing creativity in design and use in different types of properties.


    Proper packaging is crucial, especially for international shipments that pass through multiple channels before reaching their final destination. Therefore, we pay special attention to packaging.

    CHI uses diverse packaging methods depending on the nature of the product. Our goods are packed in a variety of ways including:


    For Aluminum Glass Garage Doors, we generally transport them through sea freight. 

    If customers have special needs, we can also transport them through other methods.